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Are you ready to participate in the Primary's?

Four days ago, ballots were mailed out and if you have not received yours by today, please, contact your county elections voting center.

If you have not yet registered to vote, you have until 27 July to register online ( or by mail (contact your county elections voting center.)

Last call will be in person at your county elections voting center on 4 August!

With all of that identified, we are still in a pandemic and you are encouraged to:

vote the ballot mailed to you, call your county elections voting center if you need help, and don't wait until the last minute!, e.g. order replacement ballots ahead of pick-up, allow time for a ballot to be mailed to newly registered voters.

Be safe! Vote Bacon!


I am Mary Bacon and I am a Democrat running for the 10th congressional district, I would be honored to serve my neighbors and fellow residents in Congress!


Phone: 253-328-0502

FEC ID: C00746982

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