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60 days and counting

That's right!, two months until the Primary Elections!

In the events that have unfolded across America, coinciding with discussions that I have participated in the past few weeks, it has become more obvious then ever that we need to make change, NOW. The first change is the demographics in our legislators and politicians this August. We need to restore the power back to the people and prevent career politicians from advancing for their own benefit.

I am not a career politician. I am a decade-long resident of District 10 with a vested interest in its success. I have been a union officer, shipyard worker, scientist, and soldier, all of which have prepared me to serve as your Congresswoman. Our district's needs will be represented with a homegrown, committed interest and communicated intelligently, thoughtfully, and articulately.

As a member of Congress, I will collaborate with my colleagues to secure America’s future and never allow partisan politics impede American progress. District 10, let's vote a worker to Congress who will stand for what is right!


Hi!, I'm Mary Bacon and I am a Democrat running for the 10th congressional district, I would greatly appreciate your support!


Phone: 253-328-0502

EIN: 85-1060837

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