Mary Bacon's proposals for ...

  • Income inequality

    • To raise the federal minimum wage to a wage reflective of inflation, the current costs of living, and the continued advocacy of organized labor and collective bargaining.

  • Social inequality

    • Start at the beginning.  Our education system must evolve from an  anglocentric monoculture to an education system that is reflective and inclusive of our population, indigenous, immigrant, and involuntary, to include changing the narrative in textbooks and how standardized tests are constructed.

  • Housing

    • Federal tax incentives for developers, with a minimum number of affordable units, and repeal the Faircloth Amendment.

  • Healthcare

    • A pillar of a healthy society.  I support a single-payer system where doctors and patients make decisions together, without influence from corporate interests or insurance company interference.  This single-payer option would be funded from the existing tax revenue, e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, public health employee benefits paid by the Government, and allocated by a single, nonprofit public payer.

  • Police reform

    • ​Standards similar to public servants who are responsible for the health of society at large: continuing education, annual scholastic qualifications, and investigations by external, unbiased agencies with public disclosure.  Additionally, funding for specialists and health care professionals that the police are currently acting as proxy.

  • The Environment​

    • Reintroduce repealed U.S. environmental legislation's, e.g. the Clean Air Act, the Clean Power Plan, resource management through conservation and responsible utilization​, and research and investigation into alternative energy sources and carbon capture technologies.

If elected Congresswoman of District 10, I will listen to your concerns and make them my priority, communicating them intelligently, articulately, and thoughtfully in the House.

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I am Mary Bacon and I am a Democrat running for the 10th congressional district, I would be honored to serve my neighbors and fellow residents in Congress!


Phone: 253-328-0502

FEC ID: C00746982

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