About Mary Bacon, your neighbor

As the Congresswoman for District 10, I look forward to communicating our District's needs and as a resident of District 10, representing those needs with a homegrown interest.  I am respectful and honest and I am able to get results via a collaborative process and open discussions, using data driven decision making and negotiations to achieve the end goal.


I am a 3rd generation U.S. Army veteran and I am motivated not only by recognition of service, but by an intimate understanding of what our service members and veterans experience.  I will be a champion and advocate for those who serve and have served our country, to include active resistance on attempts to raid funds designed to support and assist the individuals who are and have defended our nation.

During my tenure as the President of the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers Local 12, I helped conclude years of contract negotiations within five months of assuming office, with ratification and implementation two months later.  I recognize the importance and value of ALL workers and will not stand idly by while union and worker's rights are under a fierce and relentless attack.  My experience as a labor advocate for the engineers and scientists employed by the only west coast Shipyard is what inspired me to become more active in our district's federal representation.

As a veteran, scientist, and labor advocate,

please allow me to represent YOU, District 10!

My Mission

To foster job growth with tax incentives that promote diversity and innovation, tax credits for developers to build residential units with a minimum number of affordable units, resource management through conservation and responsible utilization, to advocate for fellow veterans and our current service members, and the environmental health of the Puget Sound and surrounding ecosystems.

As the Congresswoman from District 10, I believe in an open and transparent government and I am an ardent supporter of partisan cooperation and respectful political discourse.  I will represent the district by ensuring a logical, articulate voice is accurately communicating their needs and I will collaborate with my congressional colleagues to secure our future and never allow partisan politics to impede American progress.


My Vision

To best represent the interests of the residents in District 10 by:

  • supporting legislation to make sure our workers and families are taken care of first, not last, during these unsettled periods and beyond

  • preventing attempts to divert funds from federally designated programs in our district

  • continuing to fight the war being waged on the working class by overturning legislation that undermines collective bargaining and the ability to organize

  • reestablishing environmental protections that have been removed in the last four years

  • addressing systemic issues through identification, recognition, and amending root causes that undermine the rights and freedoms of Americans.

We Need Your Support Today!

Hi!, I'm Mary Bacon and I am a Democrat running for the 10th congressional district, I would greatly appreciate your support!

Email: marybaconforcongress@gmail.com

Phone: 253-328-0502

EIN: 85-1060837

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